What blogging means to me (or What my blog gives me!) by Liz Hinds

I’ve just read the posts on the topic currently on site: how wonderfully articulate and beautifully crafted they are. They almost deterred me from writing this. Almost but not quite.

If I can rephrase the title slightly so that it reads ‘what my blog gives me’ then my answer is simple. It gives me a place to empty my head.

Empty it of the rants, the emotions, the giggles, the totally inconsequential little things I notice. Empty it of the stuff that would otherwise keep me awake at nights. I should probably say that I view my life through a blog post. In the immediate aftermath I am already planning, writing and re-writing in my head what I will later write on my blog or the shortened version on Facebook.

I started blogging at the end of September, 2005, and I’ve blogged ever since making a total of 6,084 posts to date. There have been times when I’ve missed a week or so but they’re rare – unless I’m on holiday and denied internet access. My readership has never been very high and my commentees  fewer but although I want to be read by others I am the one I write for mostly.

I write about family life, about Christianity, about my dog, about food and dieting, about what I ponder in the middle of the night – which Chuckle Brother was it that died? I write about things that make me laugh and things that make me cross. I write about my lack of feeling; I write about my writing. Hmm, possibly the inanity of my blog accounts for my lack of readers. It certainly has no specific theme but I like it.
And that’s what counts.

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