Telling It Like It Is -- The View From This End

Mike Harling
When I started my blog, back in January 2002, I had no end of things to write about. I was in the midst of moving to another country to marry a woman who, in truth, I barely knew. And, once I arrived, I was faced with so many cultural peculiarities that I couldn’t walk across the street without the inspiration for several blog posts striking me.
That trend continued for many years. I was an American out of his depth, faced with travel, work, holidays and a domestic life that was very different, and therefore exciting and blog-worthy.
Then, gradually, I became an American who was not so out of his depth. Eventually, I found myself more and more out of my depth each time I visited America (though that was always good for a few blog posts).
Currently, I consider myself British, and no longer out of my depth. If I run into a tourist and they require directions, assistance or advice, I can reliably supply it. Also, I’m retired, so I have little opportunity for business travel (so…

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