Je Ne Regrette Rien - But I think I do!

Je Ne Regrette Rien - It's been my mantra, my motto, for many years.   I have no regrets, rue nothing.

I have the original '45, banged out so poignantly by La Môme Piaf, the Little Sparrow, purloined from Fleabay. 

I bought three arty, quirky, postcards in Paris years ago, that show a slice of the single on a pink background - I had intended to have them framed, with the single, to display in my home, to spell out to visitors that might not know, exactly where I am coming from in life.   La Vie en Rose.   Life with rose-coloured spectacles. 

As summer is now past, I'm more likely to be looking at the world through a bottle of red, rather than rosé wine, however!

But, like Toni, I procrastinate too, so the cards, frame and '45 sit in my closet, awaiting their grande finale.

So, having no regrets, how does that work for me? 

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