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We're BACK!

Yes, we're back. Dog-eared bloggers, blogging like the old days, telling it like it is and wearing all the t-shirts. Between us we've done it all - careers, marriages, divorces, kids, cancers, depression, redundancies, long haul living, heartbreak, bereavement, debt and loss... the list goes on. 

So if you're young or old, single, married, divorcing or it's just complicated, you'll  find it all here, 'cos if we don't know about it, you don't need to!

We have come to know each other a little better over the years and have listened, commented and shared in this space called 'blogland'. We went our own ways in the last five or so, posting occasionally, dropping by each others' Facebook, Instagram even LinkedIn pages. It occurred to a few of us recently that there's no old style blogging anymore, it's all business, business, business, fight the good fight with the algorithms and hope for the best! 

But we don't want it or like it. So we thought we would fix it, the only way we know how, get on with it and write and chat and laugh together, 
Our Way!

So pull up a chair, pour that glass of your favourite tipple and although we can't promise a smooth ride, you ARE very welcome and might just feel a little bit better about your day!


  1. I am IN! I'm a fairly new-ish Old School Blogger as I entered the trenches in 2009 (really?! Almost 10 years ago?!) - time flies when you are having fun!

    Adding to my blog roll - this is going to be fun.


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