What Blogging means to me.- We Really Want to Share our Lessons

In February 2009, we were asked generically by a fellow blogger who had felt incensed by a journalistic piece in a newspaper;
'... whether the global activity that is blogging, is misguided and that we (bloggers) overlook the dangers to ourselves and our families'  potential mental health and well being with the venting of one's spleen.'
I replied back then,
"I have no qualms about the subjects I post about, nor do I have concerns about my family reading them. I am measured about what I post. If you blog anonymously and keep the blog a secret from family, work colleagues and friends, you obviously are at risk of 'being found out' but hey it's a free world last time I looked. Or perhaps I didn't look properly!
One doesn't have to blog 'publicly', an invitation or indeed a private blog is one option and there are many more options and differing levels of privacy.
I print my posts off and keep them in a folder, a personal record, not unlike a diary or journal. An heirloom of the 21st century. It was also mentioned that bloggers are diluting the kudos and the professionalism of journalists. I doubt that, but I would leave that to those 'qualified' to ponder. Now who would that be exactly?"
....this still resonates, although my context has changed - my kids are 10 years older, mid to late 20's, I'm single, seemingly stoically so, my parents have both died recently and if you read my recent post here, I don't give much of a fuck anymore.

However I do care about blogging, the art and craft of it, the way my stream of consciousness vomits upon the page and even if not literary, makes more sense on the page than it does in my head and so that is healthy. I would post more openly about personal stuff, if asked direct questions or to give an opinion. I couldn't however and never have hurt anyone purposefully. That hasn't changed. I care about my fellow bloggers, especially those who join me here on this blog, as we have shared much in the way of experience, sadness, badness and hopefulness. We help each other breath at times, and although mostly unspoken  our history as women, as bloggers and survivors  and this term isn't used in a trite or exaggerated manner) it's the truth, our truth.
We have all loved, lived and lost, men and women alike. We all carry on with our scars, our wounds, our joys and in the most part, we now know how to carry on. Yet, I think, I can say on behalf of this collaboration of bloggers, we really want to share our lessons. 

If it hurts a little less for someone tonight, I'll sleep happier.

Saz x